You Have the Right to Life, Liberty and Happiness!

This month we celebrate freedom, independence and the men and women whose efforts have won these rights for all of us.
We’re fortunate to live in a society grounded in the “inalienable right” to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. We each have our own definition of what these freedoms mean for us. For me, a very important aspect is the ability to make my own lifestyle choices and to live in a way that supports my own health and well-being.

These freedoms are most of all about feeling good, being able to live the life I choose, being confident and in touch with my personal power—and having a sense of peace that comes from my connection to a Higher Power. By achieving a state of well-being–physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually–I’m able to pursue whatever gives me happiness and joy.

As a reflexologist, I naturally use reflexology as one of the primary ways to keep myself feeling great and in balance on all levels. Reflexology is the art/science of applying pressure to “reflex points” on the feet, hands, face and ears to gently but effectively affect all your organs, glands, and every part of your body.

The techniques we use in this completely natural, non-invasive modality calm the nervous system, help eliminate toxins and encourage the release of endorphins, our natural “feel-good” hormones. People with allergies, acid reflux, migraines, hypertension, pain, insomnia, fibromyalgia, weight issues, depression and many other conditions report substantial relief and improvement after their reflexology sessions.

I was extremely fortunate to discover reflexology early in life and to have these tools to use—coupled with a generally healthy lifestyle–to keep myself balanced, well and able to live the way I choose. I found my “life’s purpose” as a reflexologist and a teacher of reflexology—a career that has empowered me to live a successful, fulfilling and rewarding life.

As a reflexologist, I am able to help others discover the freedom that comes with improved health and a deep sense of well-being. As a teacher of reflexology, I empower others to learn new skills and create new careers that help to bring them the freedom of financial independence. Whether my students use their skills to benefit their families and friends, “hang out a shingle” as professional reflexologists or add reflexology to an already existing therapeutic practice, it’s a joy for me to know that my work has not only touched their lives but also benefits those they will help.

In a very real sense, the day I discovered reflexology was “Independence Day” for me! Reflexology has given me a healthier, more peaceful Life, the Liberty of a career that has provided a great deal of personal satisfaction, the flexibility to live a full life, financial independence and the joyful Happiness that comes from helping others!

I wish you your own very Happy Independence Day, too!

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