You Have the Power

As we go to the polls on November 6th, in one of the most important elections of our time, we have many crucial choices to make. Thinking about this led me to consider how choices we make impact our daily lives.

Many spiritual philosophies say that what we think about affects the choices we make each day. And those choices, even the seemingly insignificant or unconscious ones, can either enhance our life, health and well-being—or do the opposite. 

We are continually making choices, whether consciously or not, about what we eat, whether we exercise and what healing paths we follow, and what we put into our minds—what books, magazines and newspapers we read, what social media we follow, what TV shows we binge on and what movies we watch. 

What we say to others is also a choice, and just as important is what we choose to say to ourselves. Have you ever gone a whole day without saying or thinking anything negative—about yourself or anyone else? Try it and you’ll see that it is a choice.

Choices repeated over and over become habits. Habits combine to create a lifestyle that is either a joyful, healthy existence that supports us, blesses others and helps heal our planet—or a less satisfying one. 

The good news is that, each and every day, we have the power to change our trajectory by consciously making positive choices.

We are infinitely capable spiritual beings—when we step into our power. The Universe is constantly presenting us with opportunities to grow and prosper. When we are in alignment with our higher self we can access our power, see these opportunities and be inspired to act upon them.

Years ago, a friend of mine visited me at college. She wanted to share something amazing with me that a friend had shared with her. That “thing” was reflexology. My first session with her changed the entire trajectory of my life.

There were very few reflexology classes available then, and every one I could find. I started giving reflexology to anyone who would let me. In time, I was able to start a full-time practice. So many people I “touched” wanted to learn how to do reflexology that I created training programs in foot, hand, face and ear reflexology. I’ve since trained thousands of reflexologists, who have touched the feet of hundreds of thousands of others. I went on to create instructional DVDs and the best-selling book on reflexology, which has sold half a million copies in several languages around the world. 

All of these wonderful outcomes came from my friend’s choice to share something with me and my choice to accept that gift and understand its value. And it’s just as true today. The choices we make now, both individually and collectively, affect our destiny, the destiny of those we touch and, ultimately, the direction of humanity. 

Start using your power to make better choices right now by going to the polls on November 6th. Each time you choose from a place of alignment and personal power, you are creating the future you desire for yourself and generations to come. 

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