Welcome to Laura Norman Reflexology!

For over four decades I have pursued my mission of making the science of Reflexology understood, appreciated and available around the world. To that end I created Home Study Foot, Hand and Face Reflexology DVDs, wrote the best-selling book, Feet First: A Guide to Foot Reflexology, developed a line of Aromatherapy products using 100% pure essential oils and designed fun Reflexology Foot Pillows. Through our new store we will offer many more products to enhance your life.

I also designed the most comprehensive Reflexology Certification Training programs available anywhere, which I offer at spas, salons, wellness centers, universities,hospitals, massage schools, as well as at my Reflexology Training Centers in New York City, Boynton Beach, Florida and New England.

We also offer private Reflexology sessions and instant gift certificates for our products and services so you can experience the power of Reflexology for yourself and share it with those you care about most.

Laura Norman Reflexology –
Bringing the power of Reflexology to you!

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